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Coral Estates News

2015-06-09 - Coral estate is back in the Avi Choice Award. Go to the polling vote at the office and vote:)


Great news from LindenLab to Secondlife Grid. LindenLab finally took the path to improve the prim counts on the sims of Secondlige grid


Full Regions will grow from : 15000 Prims ----> 20000 Prims

Homesteads will grow from : 3750 Prims  ---->   5000 Prims

This increase should be finished by december so this be a nice Xmas gift to put more prims under the X mas Tree and should affect all server magnum tigre and others if there are.


Coral Estates Staff
Kristaki Hudson : CEO Landlord
Leah Chardin - Sugarpie Froobert


Posted by Leah Chardin

2014-02-25 - JOIN US ON FACEBOOK






Kristaki Hudson


Posted by Dawn Pienaar


Dear customers:
Lindens Lab selected a few of the largest landlords to have selling permits to sell lindens.  They do this at their land offices.  This has open a huge window for them to solicit anyone who visits their office to buy lindens.
We are voicing our concerns at this unfair practice since these landlords get to solicit other landlord's tenants including our own.  
PLEASE BE AWARE: If you go to buy lindens and you get solicited to rent land from them, please let us know so we can file a complaint to Lindens. -chat logs would help us do this-
We work very hard to take care of each of our tenants the best we can and feel outraged at this practice.  
Thank you so much for choosing Coral Estates 
Kristaki Hudson
CEO Coral Estates

Posted by Leah Chardin

2012-08-26 - Email option

hello coral estate resident please provide your email in your account be useful for us to contact you if you are tier due or antyhing to contact thank you

Kristaki Hudson


Posted by Kristaki Hudson

2012-07-26 - beware of virus

Attention estate owners, please send out this notice to your residents ASAP. There's a nasty and annoying kinda worm virus going around.

If someone or something is offering you: ..::ExDepart::.. Gift Package 2012 - DO NOT ACCEPT IT - If you did, do not rez it. Just decline and make sure you delete it from your trash. This object is harmful and will start spamming your friends and other people around you and when they accept it they will spread it again to others.

Posted by Leah Chardin

2012-07-02 - Advertise with us - comming soon

Comercial information to whom be interested in advertising in our main page .net The Coral Estate will provide from next week an option for your business to be advertised on a rotative banner for Lindens$ in the main page. Once it be ready we will inform you and be some options to show up your business in our site which has more hten 5000 hits a month... so make sure to im kristaki hudson for applying in this banner online advertising system. Trafffic might bring you clients and clients bringing you Lindens$

CEO Kristaki Hudson

Posted by Kristaki Hudson

2012-04-14 - Coral Estates informations

Hi there from the Coral Estate Staff,
we are back in the top 20 estates and its thank you to all of you to be part of the Coral Estates
position is currently top 12.
Make sure that you refer your friends to rent in our estate if they are looking for land, i pay L$ for your referals

Have a nice week end

CEO Kristaki Hudson

Posted by Kristaki Hudson

2012-04-07 - Now on Facebook

Hi there

Join Coral Estates on Facebook at

Posted by Kristaki Hudson

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